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Vinyl & Digital Output
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Motion Picture Clients
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Banners Awnings
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Cast Plaques
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Directories & Sign Systems
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Gold Leaf & Hand Lettering
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Illuminated & Electric Signs
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Interior & Exterior Signs
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Vintage Gallery - Plaques & Neon
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Photo Etching & Engraving
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Sand Blasted Signs
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Specialty Construction
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St. Joseph’s University
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Vehicle Lettering

Vintage Gallery - Plaques & Neon

Plaques - Funny how "everything old is new again". There is a timeless beauty in these designs that Baker the Sign Man produced years ago. Good design lives forever. Let us bring this vintage look alive for your plaque needs.

Neon - Ahhh, remember how neon used to light up the streets at night, directed you to a vacancy at a motel or just pointed the way with an arrow that chased? Baker the Sign Man still creates neon that has that retro feel for interior or exterior applications. Cobalt blue and ruby red neon catch your eye like nothing else, and we can make it dance!