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Vinyl & Digital Output
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Motion Picture Clients
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Banners Awnings
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Cast Plaques
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Directories & Sign Systems
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Gold Leaf & Hand Lettering
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Illuminated & Electric Signs
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Interior & Exterior Signs
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Vintage Gallery - Plaques & Neon
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Photo Etching & Engraving
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Sand Blasted Signs
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Specialty Construction
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St. Joseph’s University
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Vehicle Lettering

Vinyl & Digital Output

With the newest technologies available, Baker the Sign Man provides quick, creative and affordable signage in vinyl and printing. Many businesses appreciate our ability to get the job done with these materials which have no creative limit and can last for years. The ability to easily revise existing lettering and images is a major benefit.

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Baker the Sign Man
1125 Race Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Across the street from the PA Convention Center

1125 Race Street

Philadelphia, PA 19107

Shop Hours

Tuesday - Friday

8 am - 4:30 pm